Hybrid Training

Hybrid Programs (Online plus Hands-on)
By the end of October, we will have our new programs up and the schedule for the following year up. Our immediate goal is the following:
Protective Security Certificate 1 (Hybrid)
This course gets you to work fast and covers all of the skills our recruiters are looking for. Because the theory is completed online, there is no classroom time during the training at our facility. 
  • 10 online modules
  • 10 days Hard Skills at our training facility
  • Recruiter Introduction
Achievements Earned
  • Protective Security 1 Certificate
  • CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers (ARC) Certificate
  • Protective Driving Certificate
  • TCCC (NAEMT) Certificate
  • Firearms Achievement
  • Immediate Actions
* This program includes the Route Mapping online program, so start today. Click here

Protective Security Certificate 2 (Hybrid)
This course ads an additional 10 online modules which can be completed after the Protective Security 1 course. We will upgrade your medical certificates earned in PSC-1 to the next highest level. The additional information focuses on surveillance detection, soft skills, medical cert upgrades, and other subjects not covered at length in the PSC-1 course. 
  • Emergency Medical Response Certificate
  • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals
  • TCCC for Medical Professionals
  • TSCM (Bug sweeps)
  • Surveillance Detection Routes
  • 2 full Protective Details
  • Covert Protection Strategies
  • Recruitment clinic
We will bring your skills to the next level!

International Conflict Management (Hybrid)
This program will cover emergency language, regional security studies, travel security, kidnap & ransom response, and conflict management. Each course will be focused on one of the areas below. We will 
  • 7 Online Modules
  • 7 days OCONUS
    • Lebanon
    • Colombia
    • Haiti
    • Mexico
    • Philippines
    • Bosnia
* This course also includes the online Route Mapping module online now. Click here

Specialty Courses (Hybrid & Conventional)
These programs will be designed for professionals that desire training in a specific subject without dedicating too much time or financial resources. Some of these 2-day courses will include. Most of these stand alone subjects are already included in the PSC-1 & 2 detailed above
  • TCCC
  • High Risk Driving
  • Off Road Driving for security professionals
  • Emergency Evacuation - Vertical Escape & Unlawful Detention
  • Remote First Aid
  • On Detail (2 days of graded details)
  • Surveillance Detection
  • High Threat Environment details
When we have our training calendar complete (before end October), we will send it our to all who have signed up. Get skills now by attending our Route Mapping program online!

Hybrid - Emergency & Tactical Medical Hybrid courses
All of our medical training programs have theory portions that we can accomplish online before students come to one of our training centers to practice and test on the skills portions. Some of our hybrid medical training courses include
  • High Risk Fist Responder which includes, TCCC, CPR/AED, Protective & Security scenarios
  • TCCC - Tactical Combat Casualty Care (ASM, CLS, MP versions) NAEMT Certificates
  • Emergency Medical Response via American Red Cross
  • CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer via American Red Cross
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for Public Safety (NAEMT)
  • Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for EMS (NAEMT)
By conducting all of the theory portion of this training online it greatly reduces to overall cost to the students and allows them to learn the theory at a pace that is comfortable to them before coming to our facility to practice and test your skills.