Route Mapping for Executive Protection Professionals by SECFOR 360

Route Mapping for Executive Protection Professionals

Learn how professional protectors map their routes and stay safe in hostile environments.

Route Mapping

You will have 24/7 access to the course once you enroll. No special software needed, only the internet. If you are new to the security industry, an experienced protector, transitioning from another field, or a hostile region traveler, this course will bring you to the next level.  See Course Topics

Earn Your Certificate!

To earn the Route Mapping certificate for this 10-hour course, participants will be tasked with four (4) route mapping assignments to complete. Each route map will be graded and critiqued before moving on to the next assignment.         See course syllabus here

Hostile Region Travel

The system  we are utilizing today started with SECFOR's CEO time running protective details in Iraq and other hostile environments. The system develop while working for years in Mexico, Colombia, Lebanon, and Haiti. View Course


It was a very thorough course and provided a significant amount of detail.  In particular, the video of an actual application of the map route was very interesting. It definitely improved my awareness of routes just by looking at maps... without having to be on the ground. I thought it more than worth it. The extra attention that Rick gave... made it even more valuable...Kudos for providing an exceptional product. I took a close protection course online before and all they sent me was a book and test. I appreciate the challenge provided by the tests, and the insights provided by the instructor in each lesson.
Daniel B - Route Mapping Graduate

11 hours of Training and Assignments

Essential for High Risk Professions

Not only do our protection teams at SECFOR utilize these exact route mapping skills we are teaching you, but we have also taught route mapping to other groups tasked with traveling to high threat regions while working for humanitarian groups, anti-human trafficking operations, child rescue groups and government agencies.
This skill is often neglected in executive protection training and Hostile Environment Awareness Training courses for humanitarian personnel. Bring this skill back to your team and stay safe out there!
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