Partner with SECFOR

SECFOR’s can help you set up an online training portal. Setting up and online training site that already has customer traffic is no easy task. Our existing customer base of individuals interested in executive protection, tactical & emergency medical, evasive driving, and other tactical subjects is over 50,000 and growing daily. Our social medial influence alone reach thousands of like-minded potential customers per day. Here are some benefits of partnering with us:
  • We help put your theory courses online
  • You may use our online content to support your training
  • We can help you develop your online training
  • We provide you your own course link for your customers
We can help build your online course page with your videos and images to market your unique products. Whether you deliver Tactical Medical training in Southern Florida or Evasive driving training in Arizona, SECFOR can place your theory online to minimize your students’ time in the classroom once they attend your hands-on training. This saves the students’ time and money, making your training a more attractive offer.
  • Theory online minimizes classroom time
  • Reinforces key information prior to hands-on training
  • Ensures knowledge to maximize in-person training time
  • Produces and more knowledgable course graduate
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