Protective Security Certificate 1 - Online Modules by SECFOR 360

Protective Security Certificate 1 - Online Modules

Take these modules individually or together at a reduced cost. Once the 10 modules are completed, optional hard-skills training is available

Protective Security Certificate 1

10 Online Modules (Optional 10-day hard skills training)
When it comes to Executive Protection / Bodyguard training, much of what you will learn during typical resident training programs will be theory in a classroom setting. Executive Protection / Bodyguard training is as much a mental game as a physical one, and our properly constructed Online Executive Protection courses can teach you a variety of valuable topics that you can utilize in the field immediately. An optional 10-day hands-on training module will be available to all online graduates.

Take our self-paced online training from any country
  • Mod-1: Route Mapping for Protection Professionals (Online Now!)
  • Mod-2: Protection Fundamentals, Protocols & Professionalism
  • Mod-3: Protective Advance Work
  • Mod-4: Surveillance Detection & Covert Protection Theory
  • Mod-5: Soft Skills & Paperwork
  • Mod-6: CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer Theory - ARC
  • Mod-7: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Theory - NAEMT
  • Mod-8: Vehicle Dynamics & Security Driving Theory
  • Mod-9: Protective Security Driving
  • Mod-10: Protective Firearms Liability, Safety, Gear, & Tactics

You may take these modules individually or all together at a reduced price. Once a student successfully completes the above 10 modules, they are eligible to attend our PSC-1 Ten-day hard-skills program. 

The 10-day hard skills training will be scheduled multiple times throughout the year and will be available to students who have successfully completed the 10 online modules above. The hands-on training will complete your certificate modules you have already begun consist of:
  • Protective Driving
  • CPR & TCCC
  • Firearms
  • Immediate Actions
Our Hard-skills schedule will be out near the end October
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