Route Mapping for Executive Protection Professionals

Learn how professional protectors map their routes and stay safe in hostile environments.
Route Mapping for Protection Professionals
This is most likely the one skill that you did not learn in your executive protection course and is also the biggest life-saver. 

You will learn our step by step method, developed after years of travel to conflict zones, semi & non-permissive environments as well as high risk regions of the world. 

You can develop this skill at home with nothing more than your own laptop. 
Please Complete before beginning course
1.0 Route Mapping Syllabus PMC RM-110.pdf
241 KB
Online training and the importance of mapping your routes when traveling in high risk environments
1.1 Introduction Part 1
25 mins
1.2 Introduction Part 2
22 mins
Sample Maps
We have included an older map and a newer map to show how our system has progressed and give participants an idea of how mapping can benefit them
2.1 Juarez Map Example
17 mins
2.2 Az Map Example
22 mins
Beirut, Lebanon - Route Mapping Demonstration
This is a demonstration only. We go through it quickly. No notes need to be taken during this demonstration. This is just to allow participants to see the workflow of a basic mapping session.
3.1 Beirut Mission - 1
14 mins
3.2 Beirut Mission - 2
12 mins
3.3 Beirut Mission - 3
12 mins
3.4 Beirut Mission - 4
23 mins
3.5 Beirut Mission - 5
7 mins
Bogotá, Colombia - Route Mapping Step-by-Step
We break down the most basic route mapping to build a solid foundation before moving to more advanced digital platforms.
4.1 Bogota Mission - 1
19 mins
4.2 Bogota Mission - 2
8 mins
4.3 Bogota Mission - 3
10 mins
4.4 Bogota Mission - 4
24 mins
Map assembly and use
We took a brief video of hard map assembly from a hotel in Kazakhstan before a detail. Additionally, we cut together video of map use on the ground to give you an idea of how you can keep track of your location using basic terrain association
5.1 Kazakhstan Map Assembly
2 mins
5.2 Practical maps use
8 mins
Layering and Final Map
After the basic instruction above, we move onto another useful mapping platform that offers layering and finally exporting to get the cleanest map sections. This can be accomplished utilizing many different methods, and we show students what can be done with free tools available to everyone with an internet connection.
6.1 Layering Maps
14 mins
6.2 Real-time Map Sharing
16 mins
6.3 Building a Clean Map
5 mins
Assignment 1 - Mongolia
This is your first of four (4) assignments to be completed in order, and each must be graded and passed before moving onto the next. Each assignment will take participants 1-2 hours to complete. The assignments must be completed in order. You can build your map using PowerPoint (or similar) and then save it to a PDF file. If optimized for web viewing, the file will be small and not take up too much space. 
To let us grade you map, you can email the PDF file to Please make sure the size is small enough to easily transfer via email. (optimize for web viewing). Yoiu may also send us a link via DropBox, Google Drive or other online storage or file sharing system. Since we have to download it on our end, once again, make sure the PDF is small enough to easily download.
Your first map is basic just to make sure you have the general system and map-look down. Once your Mongolia assignment looks right, there will be some additional instruction and then the final three (3) assignments. Let us know if you have any questions and good luck.
7.0 SECFOR360 Basic Maps Key Points.pdf
146 KB
7.0(a) Arizona Map Sample with notes.pdf
7.92 MB
7.1 Summary and Testing
12 mins
7.2 Assignment 1 - Mongolia.pdf
126 KB
Mapping A to Z - Manila Detail Mapping
Now that you have successfully completed your first assignment, here are some tips for your next three maps
8.1 Bringing it All Together - Mapping A to Z
10 mins
8.2 Emergency Routes and Finishing Touches
17 mins
8.3 Landmarks & Map Recon
4 mins
8.4 Your final cuts
5 mins
Final 3 Assignments
9.1 Assignment 2 - South Africa.pdf
143 KB
9.2 Assignment 3 - Ukraine.pdf
143 KB
9.3 Assignment 4 - Brazil.pdf
160 KB
We will place any additional information here
10.0 Resources and Links.pdf
148 KB
On the Ground
Here we will p[lace lessons learned from our actual details. Our two latest conflict zones, Karabakh (October 2020 - November 2021) and Syria (May - June, 2021) will be the first two that we cover. Both trips validated why we use hard-maps and also forced us to use some offline resources we listed in our Resources Section. Stay tuned!
Syria - Coming Soon
Karabakh - Coming Soon